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Meet Our Hi-Performance Team

Lot's of "Web Developers" out there. Why Choose Us?

You don’t come across web development companies with 20 years experience very easily.  Our story starts many years before that when Ernie Roque directed a group of graphic designers and computer game developers.  We worked on projects using the latest technology of the time for high-profile clients including William Shatner and McDonalds.  In 1995 when the web began to gain popularity we moved into developing the first websites with data capture for MTV, CNN, Discovery Channel and TNT in the U.S. and Latin America.
From a Sales and Marketing standpoint we have Mark Carillon. With over 30 years experience Mark relates well to the struggles and triumphs of running a successful brick and mortar business. Truth is, it is hard enough to run a business without it running you. Now you sprinkle in this Internet marketing thing and all of the nuances, like: Responsive Design, Social Media, Page Rank, Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click, Google Analytics, Blogging, e-Newsletters, etc. You would think your website is a full time job! Sometimes it is.
Our programming department is led by 20 year veteran Chris Varga who manages the Justice League of Programmers.  Chris and these superheroes of the development world are masters of everything having to do with code and implementing their skills to make all things possible.  Their combined skills in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML 5, PHP, Perl, all DBMS's, PL-SQL, Apache, IIS, C, COBOL, BASIC, and Fortran have always given us the flexibility to take on any project with confidence.  From Websites to Desktop Applications, Business Software, Wep Apps, iOS Apps and all Mobile Apps, Chris' team has our back.
Ultimately we have assembled a team of developers and designers with a vast range in skills to help with every project. Through our online project management system we can pull in resources as needed to make sure your project is a success.  As a client you will also have access to our Project Management control panel where you can check on the progress of your site as well as provide feedback during the process.
We are here to use our decades of experience to make your web marketing work for you with the least amount of work on your end.  You work your business, we’ll work your website.


Mark Carillon - Marketing
3 personal things most people don't know about him:

  1. His neighbor was the bass player for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  2. Makes the meanest BBQ burgers in all Northeast Florida.
  3. Once made a 62' putt.


Ernie Roque - Designer
3 personal things most people don't know about him:

  • Actually drove and worked on a design project for the mythical EV1.
  • Restored a 1950 Ford truck  and a 1964 Volvo P-1800.
  • Pulled a man from a burning car.


Chris Varga - Programmer
3 personal things most people don't know about him:

  • Very, very shy guy.
  • Hasn't been photographed since 2004.
  • Is not the guy pictured.

"Building powerful websites since 1995.  That's a lifetime in internet years."